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 +====== Multitouch Hardware ======
 +With the release of Windows 8, multitouch and gesture input has been tightly integrated into the operating system and new mainstream multitouch input devices have been generated that meet a minimum 10-point multitouch input standard. The new generation of All-In-One desktops, Ultrabooks and multitouch desktop monitors are popularizing true multitouch input devices that work seamlessly with the full spectrum of bi-manual and multi-user gestures available with Gestureworks.
 +[[http://​​2012/​12/​20/​3787750/​best-all-in-one-pc-desktop-windows-8-touchscreen|All-In-One MultiTouch Screens]]
 +[[http://​​product-databank/​|Multitouch Ultrabooks]]
 +[[http://​​|Ideum Multi-user Touch Walls/​Tables]]
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