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This is an archive for Gestureworks 1.
To learn about the new Gestureworks, see the Gestureworks 2 Wiki


Gestureworks has developed into a uniquely elegant, versatile and powerful methodology towards gesture analysis and development. Years of development working with multiuser, multitouch gesture analysis has lead to a uniquely comprehensive and versatile library of multitouch gestures and a fully extensible markup language which can describe multitouch gesture interactions. The Gesture Markup Language (GML) schema not only shapes how applications are developed, but has also allowed developers to explore new interaction paradigms and user experiences.

Gesture Markup Language

GestureML is the world's first markup language for multitouch gesture-based interactions. It is flexible and extensible, giving you the freedom to generate new gesture-based interactions.

Gestureworks Core comes complete with an open gesture library that includes definitions for scores of pre-built gestures and unlimited possibilities for new custom gestures and gesture sequences. The open gesture library consists of full XML descriptions of over 300 gestures using our open Gesture Markup Language (GML). To learn more about Gesture Markup Language, please see the GestureML wiki.

Invent New HCI Techniques

Using GML as part of UX development workflow allows developers to rapidly prototype new gesture interactions and create the gestures they want for new revolutionary HCI devices. For example, with Windows 8 comes a higher multitouch standard that allows for 10 points of input as standard on Ultrabooks; this has lead to the development of a completely new set of bi-manual GML descriptions for two-handed gesture input. Additionally, with the recent announcement of the Leap Motion Controller, full 3D motion gesture support will allow detailed hand and finger orientation and motion to be used in creating high-fidelity interactions beyond touch surfaces. These types of complex multitouch interactions go well beyond the standard pinch-to-zoom interactions that are familiar on mobile devices and enter a realm where developers would otherwise be required to develop specialized analysis techniques to extract meaningful gestures. GML provides an easy to use and fully extensible XML framework that gives developers tools to create complex gestures and high-fidelity UX using standardized familiar building blocks.

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