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Gestureworks Core

This is an archive for Gestureworks 1.
To learn about the new Gestureworks, see the Gestureworks 2 Wiki


Gestureworks Core SDK is a comprehensive gesture-processing library for Windows applications that leverages the efficiency of C++. This authoring environment enables developers to quickly and easily create gesture-driven applications in many languages. The core library comes with bindings and examples for C++, C#.NET, Java and Python. Gestureworks Core is the most powerful authoring solution for HCI. Gestureworks Core provides a complete software development kit for touch tables, walls, kiosks, desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones, embedded devices, and motion recognition devices. Gesture recognition can be easily configured using Gesture Markup Language (GML) without having to make any changes to the application itself.

To learn more about the features that come with Gestureworks Core see: Gestureworks Core Features


Gestureworks Core wiki provides resources to assist you in the process of developing your interactive content. Our documentation contains frequently asked questions, tutorials, information on multi-language bindings and details on the internal structures of the Gestureworks Core SDK. In addition to this you will find detailed explanations of the various panels available in the Visualizer application for multitouch and gesture analysis as well as recommended system requirements and specification.


Gestureworks Core directly supports Gesture Markup Language (GML). This enables developers to fully describe multitouch gesture interactions using XML. Through GML, Gestureworks Core provides an open library of over 300 fully described multitouch gesture interactions. Gestures can be edited, customized or extended and imported directly into Gestureworks Core applications. GML provides an easy to use, fully extensible XML framework that gives developers tools to create complex gestures and high-fidelity UX using standardized building blocks.


Gestureworks Core has an open forum which is maintained by our support team and an active user community. The forum contains answers to many of the advanced questions users may have when working with multitouch gestures including UX design, natural user interface topics, methods of best practice, project development, and gesture processing techniques.

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