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Release Notes

This is an archive for Gestureworks 1.
To learn about the new Gestureworks, see the Gestureworks 2 Wiki

Here you can find the release notes for Gestureworks Core describing notable changes in each version release. The latest version's release notes are always listed at the top of this page.

Version 1.5

Release Date: 13 November 2015

New Features

  • Optimized Performance
  • GestureWorks Core is now thread safe
  • Added Multiwindow configuration options
  • Implemented Gesture Sequencing
  • Added the ability to use normalized coordinates with new setUsePixel binding


The XNA, Java: Processing, Python, Panda3D and HTML5 APIs have been deprecated.

Version 1.2

Release Date: 8 May 2013

New Features

Added support for conditional gestures like flick and swipe.
Implemented full phase component to gesture events (see GestureWorks Core API Reference).

Known Issues

Mouse simulator does not work well with XNA, Windows Forms, or Java
When mouse simulator is active, touch screen input becomes unreliable

Version 1.1

Release Date: 16 April 2013

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